Dinner To Dye For

Dinner to Dye For from Cora Foxx on Vimeo.

this is a project from a few years ago

Inverness residency dinner discussion

served on stones, all foraged from Laird’s Landing: mussels, sea beans, beach mustard, chickweeds, stachy flowers, dandelion

fava beans, fava leaves, roasted corn and shitake, nasturtium


June 18 at the JB Blunk residence in Inverness, CA. All photos: Ashley Helvey

Emma and Mark’s wedding

picking nasturtiums for the salad off the side of the deck

Last weekend I catered my good friends’ wedding and had a lovely time.

pimientos de padron with smoked salt

crispy battered artichokes with fennel pollen

fava bean toasts with Andante etude

crostini with Bellweather sheep ricotta, Patterson apricot, and nasturtium

Sungold tomato and fromage blanc tartlets

little gem and Little City Gardens salad with radish and chervil

farro salad with cilantro, parsley, arugala, fennel, pine nuts, sesame seeds, preserved lemon, coriander and cumin

yellow indian woman beans with English peas, summer squash, pickled shallots, roasted peppers, and basil

sauteed greens with spring onions, spring garlic, and ginger

roasted baby carrots, tokyo turnips, and new potatoes with chiles, sage and marjoram

morel mushroom galettes with thyme, ramps, nettles, parmesan-reggiano

Hootenanny for Haiti

Andrea and I drove through the rain Friday afternoon to arrive in Kelseyville (Lake County) just after sundown. Our friend Sean Mooney recently started a farm there with his family called Full Moon Farm. Sean cooked up some Red Russian kale he grew with some quinoa. I broke out some wine and cheese. Andrea pan fried up some fish she brought with. We traded some massages and went to bed early.

it was a beautiful sunny morning on the farm

Sean picked the kale, golden turnips, and mizuna we were gonna use for the dinner that night. We already picked up a bunch of great donated vegetables from Catalan Farm, Dirty Girl Produce, Riverdog Farm, Rancho Gordo beans, and apples from Bernie.

Sean’s hat is worn ironically.

Andrea likes eating bok choy flowers.

We brought everything over to Ancient Lake Gardens to prepare the feast. My plan was to improvise some Indian vegetarian food. In the beans went fennel, coriander, and chiles. In the rice went coconut milk, turmeric, ajwain, clove, star anise, and cinammon. In the roasted vegetables went jeera, kalonji, and black cardamom. In the greens went leeks, ginger, green garlic, curry leaf, fenugreek, and amchur. In the beet salad went tamarind, mustard seeds and oil, cilantro, mint, and lime. We garnished the one plate meal with Sean’s mizuna and some pappadum. We had a yummy Indian yogurt pudding with shortcrust and assorted preserves.

New Directions in Indian Classical Music. They played a beautiful set. I DJed a little dance party afterwards, then we all fell asleep in the barn.

All proceeds went to medical supplies and natural building operations in Haiti.

Janeen and Paul’s wedding

the most recent Chez Panisse staff party at Bob Cannard’s farm

meandering about the farm with David Tanis was fun

varun here is Alice Waters’ trusty assistant

siew-chinn , awesome pastry chef

Gravel: food scholar, bean artist, man on the scene

nice to unexpectedly run into Dustin and Bianca out here in Sonoma

Jerome Waag, Oakland 2009