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the 29th

summer giving way to autumn…

late summer crops burstingly ripe…

Come join together at the end of eat local month for a celebration of locally grown heirloom vegetables and fruits.

Bring loved ones and local wines to The Dance Palace Community Center in Point Reyes Station, Saturday September Twenty-Ninth at Seven O’ Clock for a six course vegetarian tasting menu by Leif Hedendal followed by live musical entertainment.

40 dollars at the door
seating by reservation only to
get directions and venue information @

Arann Harris and Jeannie Martin from the Bluebellies will bring energy and wit with their songs exploring farming, food, religion and llamas.

(menu subject to change)

croquette of roasted Worlsey Farm corn, Bloomsdale spinach, Green Gulch anise, and wild rice with a masala coconut cream

Allstar Organics heirloom tomato soup with vanilla bean, fleur de sel, pink peppercorn, and wild fennel pollen

roasted piquillo peppers stuffed with Annabelle’s shelling beans, morels, chanterelles, lobster mushrooms, Dirty Girl shallots, saffron, and Tomette d’Hellette

Star Route cavolo nero, mustard greens, and beet greens with dried Blossom Bluff flavorella plumcots, toasted Alfieri almonds, crispy local ginger, and grains of paradise

red orach, watermelon radish, serpent cucumber, Blossom Bluff elephant heart plum, Bacon avocado, and Mendocino sea palm with Knoll Farms horseradish, ume-shiso kanten, and shichimi togarashi

Roasted Fresh Run beets, Star Route little gems, Allstar violleta beans, Eclipse chevre, capers, and nasturtiums with a malted argan vinagrette

Caramelized Knoll Farms kadota figs, roasted Sartori strawberries, Blossom Bluff damson plum reduction, lavender-rosemary cookie, whipped elder blossom Cowgirl Creamery creme fraiche

Leif Hedendal


///no^se ^n my k^tchen + club sandw^ch CO-present///

Lucky Dragons (LA)

Fortress of Amplitude (SD)

mudboy (RI)

Monday, September 17th

vegan dinner creation by leif @ 7pm $5-8

musica @ 8pm $5-8

3285 22nd Street @ Valencia

all organic dinner featuring vegetables from dirty girl,ella bella, eatwell, catalan, and heirloom organics

black eyed peas with white corn, mirepoix, pimenton, and jalapeno

cappalletti salad with cavolo nero, fennel, early girl tomatoes, basil, roasted hazelnuts, roasted gypsy peppers, and a mustard-sherry vinagrette

roasted roots: chiogga and golden beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips with garlic cloves and scarborough herbs


food pairings:

Strawberry and coriander

Snails and Beetroot (the flavour molecule that contributes to the earthiness in each of these is the same. It also exists in spinach and baby corn)

Chocolate and pink peppercorn

Carrot and violet (ionone is the main pairing molecule here)

Carrot and coriander

Mango and violet

Pineapple and blue cheese (careful as the cheese needs a certain ketone level)

Caraway and lavender are surprisingly interchangeable

Cauliflower (caramelised) and cocoa

Liver and Jasmine (similar sulphur compounds

Cooked cheese (like parmesan and gruyere) and honey (with a slightly chestnut character)

Banana and parsley

Harissa (chilli paste) and dried apricot

Chocolate fondant with harissa ice cream, piquillo pepper compote, dried apricot and orange flower water puree, lavender seed and myrrh

Macerated strawberries, coriander seed, black olive puree, pistachio scrambled egg and parmesan


Carrot toffee, carrot and violet ice cream injected with pumpkin seed oil and dried carrot with coriander

The ice cream or jelly with four seperate flavours in one mouthful

Savory-sweet candy floss


Summer is peaking and the farmers markets are bursting with ripe flavors and colors. Come join us for a celebration of delectable locally-grown heirloom vegetables and fruits.

August Eleventh
Seven O’ Clock
thirty dollars

five courses plus intermezzos
secret location by 24th and Mission
musical acts yet to be confirmed but are always lovely
limited seating by email reservation only

(menu subject to change)

sweet corn-saffron elixir

quinoa, incan berries, coriander

shelling beans, torpedo onion, corno di toro peppers, pimenton, porcini

roasted crooknecks, rapinis, wild rice
early girl-aubergine-filbert puree

gobo, maitake, seaveg, lotus root chip
yuzu-miso-ume-shiso dressing

heirloom tomato, lemon cucumber, avocado, basil, cresses, queso de cabra montenebro, argan-kumquat vinagrette

kadota fig, july red nectarine, sharlyn melon, young coconut kanten, puffed rice, aduki, blueberry

Hope to see you there!




some old recipe notes:

sauce: roasted bells, smoked paprika, ancho powder, pasilla powder,
garlic, red wine vinegar, rosemary, toasted hazelnuts, toasted almonds, toasted walnuts, toasted pine nuts, marsala

roasted corno di toro, green garlic, rosemary, tarragon or basil, toasted hazelnuts or pine nuts or almonds, good olive oil, real balsamic


unusual ingredients:

red ogo seaweed
choi sum (yu choy)
baby coconuts
ramp cloves
lemon leaves

calamondin lime

rangpur limes

malamgalbaby white beets
forono heirloom beets
murcatt mandarin
goldnugget, wilking, kincey mandarins
tardivo raddichio
arugala flowers
fiddlehead fern
ostrich fern

minutina lettuce
japanese jolly tomato
shunkyo red radish

micro marigold
meiwa kumquat
bergamot orange zest
seville sour oranges
Fire Stix (Amaranth Blossoms)


This Saturday at 7:00 there will be a 5-course organic vegan meal at a secret location in North Oakland and Kimya Dawson will be playing music. email me at if you want to rsvp or need more info. The dinner will be $20 and the tentative menu is below. Please forward this bulletin to friends via myspace and email. Hope to see you there!


fried artichokes with esplette pepper, kumquat, and fleur de sel

miso soup with handcut macha udon, hijiki, ginger, shiso, and ume

quinoa with saffron, wild mushrooms, spring onion, and english peas
tahini roasted cauliflower with grains of paradise

rapini, chard, dinokale saute

salad of little gems, endigia, fava, asparagus, cara cara, meyer, toasted hazelnuts, and green garlic croutons


Come on over for dinner Saturday, June 16th, at 7pm!

Location: near 24th and Mission
Thirty Dollars, BYOB
Space is limited to 20 reservations. Please rsvp to and I will write back with a confirmation and the address.

Join us for a 4-course vegetarian fete featuring Riverdog Farms vegetables, Blossom Bluff stonefruit, and various other organic farmer’s market delicacies.

After dinner, Cryptacize (featuring Nedelle and Chris from The Curtains and Deerhoof) will be playing music. Check them out at

The tentative menu is as follows:

soup of sweet corn, red lentil, and saffron with rosemary hazelnut romesco toast

little gems, blazing amaranth, chioggas, almonds and levezou sheep’s milk cheese with a kumquaut tapenade vinagrette

chards and kales with morels, porcinis, pine nuts, and cherries

brown rice with burdock, hiziki, curry leaves, and fried ginger

agedashi dofu with yuzu, maple, miso, sake, sesame and nori

sunomono of pacific sea lettuce, lemon cucumber, ume plum, and shiso

pickled peaches, nectarine-tarragon sorbet, glazed apricots, plum puree, sugary polenta croutons



Come over for dinner to a. Muse art gallery at 614 Alabama St. in the Mission.

Sunday, July Twenty-Second at Six o’clock

Forty Dollars, bring your drinks

very limited seating, rsvp to

food to be followed by a couple bands at about 9:30:

Raven and Hannah ( )

Pet Club ( )

AND, the menu (subject to change):

injected sungolds

skewer: ginger-tekka-sichimi dofu, ume-shiso kanten, sea palm, and morels

taquito: roasted poblanos, avocado, crooknecks, coconut meat
with a sauce of cilantro, lime, tamarind, seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flax)


cavolo nero braised in matcha and konbu

tres gazpachos

composition of cipolline, haricot vert, chioggas, bermuda triangle chevre, filberts, cresses with a vin of kumquat,tarragon, and fennel confit

jeweled baby basmati: barberry, mulberry, tonka bean, saffron, orange blossoms, and pistachio

blossom bluff orchards stonefruit:
plum: raw, frozen, thyme
white peach: hot and cold gelee with coconut water
poached yellow peach tart with apricot ice cream
white nectarine: raw, frozen, rose geranium
yellow nectarine: raw, confit with candied kumquat




recipe ideas:

soup: morel, konbu, english peas, ramps
cooked with a stock made with turnip, parsnip, apple, fennel, celery, parsley, thyme, bay

salad of fava beans, asparagus, cara cara, meyer lemon, hazelnut oil, fennel pollen

roast cauliflower with tahini, sesame oil, gomasio, preserved lemon, saffron, and grains of paradise

nishimi of burdock, daikon, parsnip, lotus with hatcho miso, fermented black bean, hijiki, dried mushroom powder, sake, ginger, star anise

fried artichoke with esplette pepper, kumquat, and fleur de sel

creamy corn broth, matsutake ravioli, sage-parmesan crisp

pizza: fresh porcini, heirloom cherry tomato, chard stem-anise confit, manchego, humboldt fog

bomba rice with saffron, smoked paprika, manchego, caramelized spring onions, english peas, fried artichokes

endive boats with roasted beet, persimmon, hazelnut, tarragon and humboldt fog

cavolo nero with chestnuts, dried apricots, horseradish, and pepper flakes


hey friends. come over to mark’s house this Saturday for a 5-course vegetarian dinner and see some great music, too!

It’s twenty dollars and starts at 8:00pm sharp. The location is near Piedmont Ave.

please rsvp to:
limited seating!

please forward this to nice people.

music by:

Miguel (

Leyna Noel (

and the tentative menu:

knoll farm green garlic soup with potato and fennel

sweet potato tempura

happy boy little gem lettuces and snap peas, riverdog amaranth and arugala, pink lady apple, toasted hazelnuts, lemon

nishimi: carrot, daikon, burdock, lotus, shitake, onion, garlic, miso, sake, OJ

dinokale, chard, mustard, toasted sesame seeds, toasted sunflower seeds

red rice, wild rice, mung bean, hijiki

sauce: silken tofu, horseradish, ginger, chile, sesame oil, rice vinegar

spiced pound cake/riesling glazed lucero strawberries and blossom bluff apricots/lavender chantilly/cherry on top

see you there!





tomato vanilla sorbet

corn broth with lemongrass,kaffir,shiso

tomato/cuke/avocado timbale with olive, roasted pepper, orange, capers, pine nuts, olive oil, parsley

fried plantains
pasilla powder, cilantro?, lime juice/zest, tequila reduction, pink salt, toothpick
roasted garlic, meyer lemon, heirloom tomato, toothpick

fava, wild asparagus, cara cara, meyer or balsamic, argan oil, olive oil, fennel pollen

ginger-shiso-maple gelato
tequila-agave-lemongrass glazed carrots and beets
grilled pineapple-peach skewer
sesame-pine nut cookie

sorrel sorbet, glazed peas, roasted shallot custard

roast cauliflower with tahini, sesame oil, gomasio, preserved lemon, saffron, and grains of paradise

nishimi of burdock, daikon, parsnip, lotus with hatcho miso, fermented black bean, hijiki, dried mushroom powder, sake, ginger, star anise

fried artichoke with esplette pepper, kumquat, and fleur de sel

apple-kiwi-rhubard tart with cashew-pine nut ice cream and calvados maple syrup

chanterelle rav with sage, corn, truffle, parm

creamy corn broth, matsutake ravioli, sage-parmesan crisp

sushi roll: ume, shiso, gomasio, avocado, horseradish
(sushi rice with ume vinegar and mirin)

apricot fig gelato with anise-hazelnut shortbread and limoncello jelly (june)

pizza: porcini, tomato, chard stem-anise confit, manchego, humboldt fog

avocado, cucumber, tomato, tequila, agave syrup, gomasio, coriander

terra chips with picholine-horseradish-caper-green garlic-cress puree

salad: mung sprout, spoonmeat, tamarind, mint, ginger, serrano, curry leaf, black cumin

coconut water, thai chile, ginger, lemongrass, lime leaves, tamarind

miso soup with english peas, turnip root/greens, green garlic, horseradish, ginger, yuzu, green tea, shiso, ume vinegar, toasted sesame oil

bomba rice with saffron, smoked paprika, manchego, caramelized spring onions, fried artichokes

yam chips
nora pepper-saffron-roasted garlic flan
pan seared cod with dried morel crust
asparagus with argan oil and fleur de sel
kumquat mustard vinagrette

melon with gelled rose water and horseradish

one-bite burnt orange, olive, and avocado

square of jelled sweet potato and another of jelled bourbon, both stuck onto a cinnamon-stick skewer that was lightly torched

Broken slabs of dark Venezuelan Ocamari chocolate wait beneath a lamp all evening, heated to 94 ºF, until they are transferred to a dessert plate with dehydrated chocolate pudding, ­cassia mousse, and figs braised with port; the shards just hold their shape but melt in the mouth like s’mores.

soup: green garlic, spring onion, thyme, turnip, celery root, rosemary, hazelnut, white wine, olive oil

salad: 2 salad greens, grapefruit, beets, arugala flowers, shiso, almonds with a mustard kumquat vinagrette

fresh hand cut noodles with sea palm, dinokale, napa cabbage, chard, rapini, mushrooms, green garlic, spring onions, sake, miso, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
lotus chips with horseradish sauce

oolong/mandarin sorbet, apple cider-maple kanten, ginger mousse, kiwi segment, whole date
soup: black bean, hominy, epazote, beer, tamarind, mexican oregano, cilantro, cotija, mirepoix, garlic, lime juice, bay leaf, dried and fresh chiles, fennel seed, coriander seed, cinnamon

salad: savoy,frisee, and radicchio dressed in a citrus-basil vin, pickled, roasted,and fried beet, nasturtiums, humboldt fog, marcona almonds

roasted carrot, celery root, turnip, potato, garlic puree with butter
sauteed red cabbage, chard, mustard greens, spring onion, garlic
roasted mushrooms
blanched asparagus with garlic, olive oil, gomasio
sauce with cream, white wine, thyme, green garlic, shallot, saffron

apple-beet gallette, nutmeg ice cream, candied hazelnuts, and apricot-calvados sauce