my URLs

article about me in Common Ground

I’m featured in this East Bay Monthly article about alternative dining

My 9/1 Slow Dinner at Serpentine featured on Shuna’s Eggbeater blog

A benefit I planned for In Search of Good Food, a movie about the California Food System at Million Fishes Art Collective, as featured on Tablehopper, menu included

A presentation I made at Maker Faire 2008, called Seasonal Menus And Secret Dinners

Bay Guardian Press about Noise In My Kitchen


One response to “my URLs

  1. Marissa Hockenberry

    Hi – I read the article about you in Common Ground, I have helped w/ a few OPENrestaurant events, & I’m on Forage Oakland’s/Asiya Wadud’s email list (how exciting for her to be going abroad for the summer!). I would love to be a part of this “underground dinner” event that is randomly put on; I’m hoping you can “secretly” add me to your ever-growing list of interested people. 😉 The article was very interesting & definitely made me want to visit the nearest farmer’s market for fresh fruit/veg to experiment myself! Thanks – I appreciate it!
    Take care – Marissa

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